Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What we are doing at school

Yesterday we did rippa rugby training and we did all kinds of skills, from passing to running. Then we played games against each other and my team lost one match and won the other three matches. By Lachlan Brookes

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My R.E learning

The meaning of Christmas lost. kids not seeing their parents kids start being greedy and forget about Jesus. People are going over the top for there kids happiness. kids are whining at there parents if they get them the wrong thing. Introduction Many kids across the world have forgotten about the true meaning Christmas and think that it just about the presents.They are getting too greedy and some kids all over the world get nothing for Christmas and have no idea about Christmas and get nothing. At Christmas kids whining at their parents for getting them the wrong thing on Christmas. The Kids are just thinking about themselves on Jesus birthday. Most parents are going over the top by buying expensive stuff. So for their kids happiness so when they open their presents they are happy not mad at there parents on Christmas. Some kids spend Christmas without their Dad because they are in jail and their kid is thinking of them wishing that he was there. They are thinking of their Dad and that is the true meaning Christmas not about the presents. So in conclusion kids are being to greedy about what they get for Christmas. The kids that don't get anything for Christmas and the kids that don't get to see there dad are not over happy about the presents the wish that they are with there dad. Christmas is not just about the presents.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

my career protect

Career: Soldier

The career I have chosen is a Soldier in the New Zealand Army.
Soldiers have exciting places to go to all over the world. They are tough and very fit and strong minded and I was interested to find out was what life would be like for the soldiers and what they do to train and where they go to for training and what the pay is like, and the places they could travel to. Also what jobs do Soldiers do in the Army?

Paragraph 1
What will I do in a day as a soldier?
When I am in training my day will start at 8:00 and finish 4:30 and break for lunch at 12:00. I will have three physical classes a day such as combat training where I will learn fighting skills. I will be training,studying or playing sport to work as team so I can work better in training. It is also possible to take different career paths such as artillery,engineering,logistics,communications.

Paragraph 2
What is the age to join the army and what education do I need?

You need to be older than 18 and have finished three years at high school. You need to be medically fit and strong and  also have  lived in New Zealand for five years. You also  must be comfortable working at home and away and not worry about working in the rain.

Paragraph 3
What will I be paid?

There is a variety of pay in the army because some people are higher ranked than other people. For example; Privates earn between 45,000 and 51,000, New corporals earn between 47,000 and 61,000 and experienced corporals earn between 53,000 and 68,000 a year. Also Sergeants earn between  59,000 and 78,000 a year staff sergeants earn between 68,000 and 98,000 a year
and lastly warrant officers  earn between 77,000 and 104,000 a year.

So in conclusion I have learned all about the pay, the working conditions, and how to join the army.  I also have learned a  Soldier can be trained to do many different jobs.  They have exciting lives and they get paid well and they get to travel all over the world.
Best of all as a  New Zealand Soldier I will get to take part in Anzac Parades and Serve my country proudly.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

refection of last term

Last  term was very good term because we did sing cup which was very entertaining. We also did cross country that we trained for. I really like going to ECB to play with all the little kids.

The challenge was to finish all our week goals by the end of the week.

The two things I am look froward to this term are doing athletics and going to camp.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

An email
From: God
To: all people
Why I give you free will:so we can live our lives different from others so we are not the same as every one.
How I wish you to use your free will: with respect of other and people around you and those you do not know.
What I most want from you: our respect our praise and us pray to you so you know that we are praising you.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

my learning goals this term

For writing  I am currently writing 3P-3A. What I have improved on year. the language that is used in my writing. What are my next steps in writing. Try better structure. try a better range of language.     For reading this term I am reading 11.5-12.5. My next steps are: skimming and scanning. Finding key words. For maths this term i am at stage 6. My next steps. Rounding decimals. ordering fractions.